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Buried Scraper Conveyor

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    Buried scraper conveyor transport dust and small particles and small block and other bulk materials continuous conveyor equipment, horizontal, inclined and vertical transmission.

    Buried scraper conveyor in a closed shell by moving the chain scraper with friction and continuous output of coal Stoker buried scraper at run time to be fixed in the transportation of coal on the traction chain of scraper conveyor in the closed tank bulk material conveyors. This traction chain conveyor and scraper are embedding material, scraper accounted for only part of the tank section, material accounted for tanks most of the section. It can be horizontal, sloping or vertical conveying of materials. When the level of transmission, used scraper as flat bar, buried in the bulk material of the chain and the scraper on the cutting force is greater than the tank wall of bulk material level the principle of bulk solid resistance, making bulk material moves forward with the scraper, this time moving the ratio of height to width ratio in a certain range, material flow is stable. Requiring vertical transportation of scraper conveyor buried scraper conveyor operating principle:

    Scraper conveyor in a horizontal conveying, material under the pressure of scraper chain in the direction of motion and the weight of the material itself, in internal friction between materials. This friction, ensures stable material layer between State and enough to overcome external friction arising from the materials move in the slot so that items are to be delivered form a continuous material flow as a whole.

    Buried scraper conveyor in the vertical Ascension, material by scraper chain in the direction of movement of pressure side pressure, items produced in the transverse direction, forming the internal friction of the material. Due to lower levels of continuous feeding, lower material have traction on the upper material. This kind of friction and traction enough to overcome the materials move in the slot and external friction and materials produced by its own weight, making materials forming a continuous material flow as a whole but were promoted.

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